You've probably never heard of this word before, right? That's because it was created by Ron Kunitzky, one of our co-founders. Ron had a young family, an established marketing agency and had recently published a book. Life was good, but was 'good' enough? Concepts around 'betterment' and 'living how you were meant to live' started to surface ... eliminating distractions and disruptions from daily life. Putting a value on 'time' which is one's greatest asset...knowing that money and success would then follow.

These core beliefs apply not only to our personal lives - but to our professional lives as well. Words like Recreate, Innovate and Elevate surfaced. Reinvate was born. 

With a great Company name - it was time to build a great Company. So what exactly is Reinvate?

In some ways - Reinvate is anything you want or need it to be.

Reinvate will:

Build your personal and professional brand with purpose.

Use your new and improved branding to generate new business opportunities so you can grow your business and be more successful. 

Work with you as your business partner... Have an upcoming presentation to pitch your services? Reinvate. Looking to expand into a new market? Reinvate. Need to hire new staff and/or replace existing employees? Reinvate. 


Reinvate is a combination of Actions that you can use to ignite your business and showcase your professional brand using various methods including:

  • social selling,
  • business development,
  • personal branding,
  • thought leadership,
  • content marketing, and
  • community engagement.

B2B Social Selling and Branding for Entrepreneurs & Corporations

There are 3 Components to Building Your Professional Brand and Business

  1. Recreate (Brand Yourself, Your Executive Team, Your Company)

  2. Innovate (Category Leadership, Connect with Influencers, Share Content)

  3. Elevate (Engage with your Community, Win new Business)


Are you looking to pivot your Professional or Company Brand, give it new life or a complete refresh? Have you given any thought to the most efficient and effective tools to use? It’s all too often that we don’t fully take advantage of opportunities to communicate what we do, whom we do it for and what makes us and/or our products and services unique. That’s where we help you to Recreate your professional persona and/or your company on B2B social media platforms like LinkedIn so that existing customers and potential new ones can get to know who YOU and YOUR COMPANY really are.


You are a Thought Leader and have something to say and share. Your company uses unique methods, ideas and has a suite of innovative products. You want to get the word out. You may not have the time or the expertise to write blogs, articles, whitepapers or mock up an info-graphic and your competitors are eating up share of voice in your category. Or maybe there is no current leader in your Category. So – what are you waiting for?

You are looking to continue to Innovate in your business yet that innovation is only valuable if you have a platform to be heard and if you convey your unique approach with subject matter expertise. We work with you to leverage your core competencies and value proposition to build compelling content as well as curate relevant 3rd party content that will resonate with your target audience across LinkedIn and other B2B platforms.


Do you want to take your business to the next level? Who doesn’t? But to be effective, your Social Selling efforts need to be targeted and productive. Your level of productivity is directly linked to the prosperity of your company. For every successful connection you make on LinkedIn, how many of them are you building relationships with? And for those that you believe you are engaging with, what does that engagement look like and mean to you both? Exactly what are you doing to get your targeted contacts to not only be aware of who you are, but to consider using your products and services at some point in the near future? At Reinvate, we increase the productivity of your Social Selling activities on platforms such as LinkedIn so that you build your brand and Elevate your business. We track, measure and tabulate all of your social selling conversations and present them to you in a single snapshot so that it’s easy to get real time data on your sales and marketing activity and more importantly, your productivity.